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Cotton Bra
Non-Padded Bra
Bra Combo Pack of 3
Red Bra
White Bra
Cotton Bra

Cotton Non Padded Bra Combo Pack Of 3 ( Size 28C, Multicolor)

Price ₹349

MRP ₹700

50% OFF

Low Price Offer on Cotton Bras for Women - Perfect Fit, Ultimate Comfort


Cotton Bras are a popular choice for women. They provide comfort while also subtly enhancing the bust. There are many options available, each with its unique style, material and simple design.


Cotton Bras are used in everyday wear because they feel better comfortable and confident. Cotton bras are known for their breathability and comfort. They are a popular choice for everyday use, especially in hot weather.


  • Care Instructions: Hand Wash Only


  • Packaging:- Cotton Bra Pack of 3


A "Pack of 3 Women's Cotton Bra" typically refers to a set of 3 bras designed for daily wear. Here's what each part of the description typically means:


  • Pack of 3: You will receive three bras in a single package. Buying bras in a pack can be cost-effective and convenient, as you'll have multiple bras for different days without needing to buy them individually.


  • Fit: These bras are designed for women and are typically available in various sizes to ensure a proper fit.


  • Everyday: These bras are intended for everyday wear, they are comfortable and suitable for daily use.


  • Non-Padded: Non-Padded bras are simple and comfy. They have no extra padding or foam in the cups. They provide a natural shape and feel light. This bra is used for everyday wear. 


  • Size:- You can choose the correct size for the cotton bras to ensure a comfortable fit. You can consult the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer.


  • Cotton: Cotton bras are known for their breathability and comfort. They are a popular choice for everyday use, especially in hot weather.


  • Type:- There are various types of cotton bras such as non-padded, non-wired, full-coverage, t-shirt and everyday. Pick a bra style that goes well with your attire and offers the right padding and support.


  • Comfort:- We understand that comfort is key when it comes to bras. Our cotton bra features a soft, breathable fabric that feels gentle against your skin. You can wear this bra under body-hugging dresses, t-shirts, shirts, kurtas etc. This is an everyday wear bra and can be paired with all your formal, casual and western dresses.


When looking for such a product, consider the size, style, colour and brand that best suits your preferences and comfort. You can find these types of bras online and offline in various stores. Be sure to check the sizing guide of the brand you choose to ensure a proper fit.



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